fabric painting Vase

Some flowers in the vase

fabric painting Vase
fabric painting Vase

Fabric painting is usually done on fabrics besides paper walls can be done on anything plastic, but I've done it on fabrics here. A medium is used with the fabric color so that the color stays in the right place. After painting on the cloth, wash the cloth so that the color does not fade, usually medium is given in the fabric color but it is possible to give even if no extra medium is given.

I also painted this fabric on the fabric, all the cosmetics that were used to make this painting,
  Such as cotton cloth, number 6, number 3 and number 0 brush.
Medium: - It is usually used to thin the color, but if it becomes too thin, the color is likely to spread on the fabric.

The colors used are red, yellow, deep blue, cobalt blue, green, black, white.

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