Old man Darbesh

Darbesh (Maulvi) is the character of Artugrul Gazi series

Old man Darbesh
Old man Darbesh

I used 2B pencil to make this drawing
And I used 4B, 6B, 2B 0.7 for the shade and I did this sketch on A4 size plain paper.

Artugrul Gazi, Artugrul is a historical historical romantic fiction serial about the 13th century Turkish nomadic leader Ertugrul, who is probably the father of Osman - the founder of the royal Ottoman Empire. There is a character in this series who has a sketch of the saint (Maulvi). Adapted, I tried my best to make this face.

Sketchbook edit

I edited this drawing, first I made this drawing in pencil on a size 4 paper and took a photo of the drawing and edited it. The app is a sketch book through an app on my handset, although I have very little knowledge about this app, I tried my best to do it. Here in this app I have just tried to paint in a very light way. The whole color has not been painted here, but I will update again when the whole color is done. So friends, please comment on how this sketch looked like.

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